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Gateway to Wild River State Park


Welcome to Almelund and Amador Township.  Please stop by this website often for more information about Almelund and Amador Township.  This web site seeks to acquaint you with our area and to provide you with information about township committees and organizations which offer citizens the opportunity to become involved in shaping the quality of life in our community. 

MAIL ADDRESS:  Amador Township, 37475 Park Trail, Almelund, MN   55012

PLEASE NOTE:   No animals are allowed in any Amador Township Buildings other than Registered Service Animals.
- Almelund Fire Station:  15714 375th Street, Almelund, MN   55012

- Amador Heritage Center Museum & Log Farm / Picnic Shelter:  15892 Maple Lane, Almelund, MN   55012

- Amador Township Maintenance Building:  15740 Maple Lane, Almelund, MN 55012

- Amador Town Hall:   37562 Park Trail, Almelund, MN   55012
NOTE:  The Amador Town Hall is available for small group events.  Please call the township clerk or click here for more information and the rental form.    Please note our policy about service animals.

- Amador/Almelund Ballpark:   37245 Park Trail, Almelund, MN   55012

Contact Amador Township:  Click Here
Contact an Amador Township Supervisor:  Click Here

NOTE:  The September Amador Township Supervisors monthly meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday,  September 21 at 7 p.m. at the Amador Town Hall - not on September 19.     This change of meeting date was posted on August 16.

Can you help with planning?    Contact us at: or call 651-269-3580
Demonstrators invited to participate!
VENDOR FORM - Click here!


Amador Township will pay $2 for the following: 
Per Gopher - we require two front feet and tail
They must be frozen and delivered to Amador Township Supervisor, Peter Johnson, at least two days before the Amador Township monthly meeting.

Many Swedish immigrants are located in Almelund.
  They can't vote, eat or even speak - but they are located throughout Almelund and at the museum and want you to find them!   The hand-painted figures depict the history of the village.  Can you find them all?    This is a fun event for children!    Click here for a brochure.

On Amador Heritage Center grounds:

· A small girl feeding chickens out of an Almelund Feed Mill gunny sack.

· A girl with braids picking apples.

· Farmer Paul and his Holstein cow depicting the agricultural aspect of local history.

· A 1928 pickup with milk cans headed for the creamery.

· A boy and girl in Swedish costumes

· A boy with how many sheep?


In Almelund:

· Two men sitting on a park bench playing checkers on a lutefisk barrel.

· Two ladies with fancy hats going to church.

· A teacher going into the 1890 school—now the Town Hall.

· A man standing on a stool painting a yellow sign.

· Two firemen climbing a ladder on the former fire station.

· Rod Johnson holding a package of his famous Swedish Sausage.

· Two boys playing baseball.

· A man on a ladder lighting a gas lamp.

· A lady with a picnic basket.

· A 1926 Model T pickup filled with milk cans heading for the creamery.


Help us enjoy them - and take care of them.   If you'd like to help with this project, call Lin @ 651-269-3580.
All of these figures were purchased with Almelund Apple Festival donations and donations from local residents.   Visit them today!    

The Amador Heritage Center (Museum) is open Sundays June through September from 1 to 4 p.m.   
A picnic shelter with eight picnic tables is adjacent to the museum and available for your events.  You can reserve the shelter for a special event by calling Lin Strong 651-269-3580.    
Information on the history of Amador.....Click Here!    

Memorial funds have paid for several new Maple trees at the Amador Heritage site.   Memorial trees on the site at this time are in memory of:  Stacy Schultz, Annette Sedlund, David W. Johnson, Jerome Nelson, Dan Schultz and Thomas A. Dorn.   If you'd like more information, please contact Lin Strong at amadortownship@

NOTE:  Amador Township Monthly Meetings - 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Amador Town Hall - 7 p.m.
All meetings are open to the public.  Please contact our clerk to be added to the agenda.

 Do you live in the Amador Fire District?   In case of emergency, you are required to provide adequate access for emergency vehicles to access your property.    This includes adequate space on your property for numerous vehicles to maneuver/park.   If emergency vehicles are damaged due to lack of maneuverable space/adequate driveway width/height, you will receive a bill for items that need repair.  Please don't wait for an emergency to find out there is a problem!    If you are unsure about acess to your site, please contact the Fire Chief as soon as possible.

SHOP LOCAL - Local businesses appreciate your support!

  • ristmas Bazaar for the Amador Heritage Center Mu

Almelund Lions - 3rd Monday of every month at the Almelund Township Building / Open to new members!
Almelund All Stars 4H - 2nd Monday of every month, Almelund Town Hall / Open to new members!
Almelund Fire & Rescue - Call Amador Township Supervisors for more information on joining this organization.
Amador Heritage Center - Contact Lin @ 651-583-2883 for information



Amador Township Supervisors Lin Strong: (651) 269-3580
Gene Fisk: (651) 583-2229
Peter Johnson (612) 308-3527
Township Mail Address: 37475 Park Trail, Center City, MN   55012
Help for all Minnesotans
Help for Seniors Senior LinkAge Line 1-800-333-2433
Help save on prescription drugs, including applying for manufacturer patient assistance programs.
Almelund Fire Chief
Jason Fredlund
(651) 208-5915   (leave a message)
Jason Fredlund
Emergency Help Family Pathways,
26816 Kettle River Blvd, Wyoming, MN
(651) 462-6632
The Refuge Network
Women/Family Shelter / they have a contact us form

Refuge Crisis Hotline (800) 338-7233
Food Shelf Locator
Chisago County Health
& Human Services
(651) 213-5600



Almelund/Amador Zoning Data Chisago County Environmental Services Department
Amador Snow Plow Policy
Amador Township Roadway Policy
Click Here
Click Here
Amador Township Map Link
Amador Township Fire Permit Contact Fire Chief or Robert Meyer, 651-583-3241
Chisago County Courthouse 313 North Main Street, Center City, MN 55012  (651) 257-1300
Chisago County Attorney (651) 213-8500
Chisago County Assessor (651) 213-8550
Chisago County District II
County Commissioner
Richard J. Greene
(651) 213-8832
Chisago County Septic Information/Zoning
Chisago County Sheriff's Department
Brandon Thyen, Sheriff
(651) 257-4100 Communication Center
(651) 213-6300 Administration
911 Emergency
Legislators, State - District 32
Mark Koran, Ann Neu
Legislators, U.S. Pete Stauber, Representative District 8
Amy Klobuchar, Senator
Tina Smith, Senator
Local Newsletters Chisago County Press, Lindstrom
ECM Post Review, North Branch
Wild River State Park
39797 Park Trail, Almelund, MN 55012
Office: (651) 583-2125
Park Naturalist: (651) 583-2925

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