Fire Chief Jason Fredlund

Almelund Fire & Rescue is accepting applicants for volunteer firefighter positions For more information, please contact Almelund Fire Chief, Jason Fredlund, at  Training is provided.

In cases of emergency, please call 911.

The Almelund Fire & Rescue Department serves 90 square miles and all or part of four townships (Amador, part of Sunrise, Chisago Lakes and Shafer).  They are a self-supporting service organization and a great benefit to our local area.

The department has trained firemen and first responders, all of whom are volunteers.

They serve a population of 3,000 residents with medical and fire protection.  Also within the service area is Wild Mountain and Wild River State Park, both which are located in Amador Township.

  • Wild River State Park includes 15 miles of the St. Croix National Scenic River which draws over 180,000 campers, hikers and boaters to this area each year.
  • Wild Mountain Ski & Water Slide Recreational Area attracts over 220,000 visitors year around.

Continued development in our area for housing along with scenic and recreational attractions require that our department be current and up-to-date with equipment and training.

If you are interested in more information on this organization and the volunteer opportunities that are involved, please contact the fire chief or one of the township supervisors.



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